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all the cartoonists that ever walked." In 1912, Ambrose Bierce proposed "an improvement in punctuation – the snigger point, or note of cachinnation: it is written thus ‿ and presents a smiling mouth.It is to be appended, with the full stop, to every jocular or ironical sentence".This developed into a sophisticated set, particularly in combination with superscript and subscript.The text of his original proposal, posted to the Carnegie Mellon University computer science general board on 19 September 1982 (), was thought to have been lost, but was recovered 20 years later by Jeff Baird from old backup tapes.

" Nabokov answered: "I often think there should exist a special typographical sign for a smile – some sort of concave mark, a supine round bracket, which I would now like to trace in reply to your question." Later, in 1996, Loufrani established The Smiley Company with his son, Nicolas Loufrani.If you use Safari, Firefox, or another browser, check its support site for instructions.